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Credit Card Tips:

The rewards of Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

The rewards of Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

PNB's Mabuhay Miles MasterCard continues to shine as MasterCard Worldwide recognizes the popular Philippine Airlines co-branded credit card for its trail-blazing promotions in delivering the most customer-friendly products and services, and giving customers a more personalized experience.

Nowhere is this point more evident than in the recent awards that the prestigious MasterCard Hall of Fame Awards has been giving the Mabuhay Miles MasterCard over the past years. Case in point is the 2010 award for "Most Innovative Card Marketing Program" for the promo "Where in the World is My Mabuhay Miles MasterCard?"

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Mabuhay Miles MasterCard received recognition at MasterCard's 2009 Hall of Fame Awards

Mabuhay Miles MasterCard gets an award

Sky is definitely not the limit with your Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. For the second year in a row, the Mabuhay Miles MasterCard received recognition at MasterCard's 2009 Hall of Fame Awards, by winning the Most Effective Card Marketing Program for its 2008 P35/Mile Promo which was held last December 1, 2009 at Sentosa Island, Capella, Singapore.

During the previous year, with less than six months of operations, the Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard was also awarded the prestigious APMEA Award for Best Co-Brand - besting competition in the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa in 2008.